The New Logic Underlying Hierism

The essential core that sets Hierism apart from all previous philosophies is a new epistemology with a resulting new hierarchical approach to logic (Hierlogic). This new logic incorporates the computer as an engine to augment knowledge access, manipulation, and innovation. A first software tool for such computer-augmented personal knowledge processing was the KAMAS™ product originally marketed in the 1980's by Kamasoft for personal computers. The essential premise of Hierlogic is that there is a principal backbone of human knowledge that is a conceptual hierarchy. Of course the same content can be viewed in alternate, practical hierarchical views. Based on a revolutionary new epistemology of concepts, Hierlogic leads to entirely new conceptual foundations for philosophy in general and for all its branches in particular. This yields new Hieristic sciences that revitalize Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics (including Politics and Economics), and Esthetics. The growing hierlogical/conceptual foundation for these sciences--as best accessed via a browsing client such as KAMAS--is online at: http://www.hierweb.com.

Kamasoft is developing a new version of KAMAS that is more fully a web-based knowledge access and manipulation tool. It reintroduces personal knowledge processing. With it you can manipulate knowledge (stored in a knowledgebase holding any possible forms of documents or data). This keyed hierarchical knowledgebase is indexed using a revolutionary hierarchical access method. This indexing affords ease of interactive access while concomitantly offering high-speed searching that can span local machine and online cloud storage of knowledge/information/documents.

KAMAS, Hierlogic, and the Hierweb arose in a wider context of a new computer-informed philosophy for human flourishing: Hierism. It is a computer-augmented philosophy that aspires to a higher, more facile, way of minding life. "Hier" rhymes with "Higher". The principal way that Hierism departs from all previous philosophies is in its unique computer-augmented epistemology which is enabled by and offers a new science of logic: Hierlogic. More information on Hierlogic is at: http://www.hierlogic.com.

This very short and general overview serves to characterize a body of technology that is underway as a work in process. In that context this web site is under construction with this page being a place holder for future expanded content. Thus the above descriptions are subject to major changes as the inter-connected technologies evolve.

For some historical context on KAMAS see a Wikipedia article on it at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KAMAS_(program)